Fraudulent Wholesale Agreements | The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners

The League of Fraudulently Dispossessed Homeowners

Court of PUBLICLY held opinion's

Actual agreements made / applied for

Alliance Bancorp wholesale broker agreement

Argent Mortgage wholesale broker agreement

Chapel Funding wholesale broker agreement

Chevy Chase wholesale broker ageement

Citi Mortgage wholesale agreement

Commonwelth United Mortgage wholesale broker approval letter

Countrywide wholesale mortgage broker agreement

Fieldston wholesale broker agreement

First Franklin wholesale broker agreement

First Franklin Wholesale broker approval letter

First Horizon wholsale broker agreements

Flagstar wholesale broker agreement

GN Mortgage wholesale brokers agreement

GreenPoint Mortgage Wholesale agreement

indymac proof of wholesale broker agreement

Low Rates Lender wholesale broker agreement

Master Financial wholesale broker agreement

millinium funding Group Wholesale Broker Agreementpdf

National City Mortgage whoesale broker agreement

National City Mortgagee wholesale welcome letter

Olympia Funding whoesale broker agreement

Option One Mortgage wholesale broker agreement

ResMae wholesale broker agreement

Virtual Branch wholesale broker agreement

Evidence of World Saving Wholesale

Blank wholesale agreements in and around 2005-2008

Acoustic Home Loans

Aegis blank agreement

C & G blank agreement

PMAC Blank agreement

Quicken Loans blank wholesale agreement

Residential Capital blank agreement

Zone Funding blank agreement

Predatory loans still in circulation in
2008 ( aka the mortgage crash)

Wholesale programs through Lender Lab
Various wholesale flyers and rate sheets prior to 2008

Fieldstone Flyers and Rate Sheets

First Franklin rate sheets

First Franklin flyers and rate sheets

Flagstar compliance manual

GN Mortgage ads and rate sheets

IMPAC loan offerings

Impac Lending loan offerings

Master Financial rate sheet

Option Arm Direct program guidelines

ptifi Optifilending Opt option arm programs