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How to re-claim your US Citizenship through the S.S. ADMINISTRATION

Let's take a walk through history on this one.

There has been a miscued word in this Americanship called Sovereignty. As a society we have been taught to think of this word as a bad thing, when in fact it is only bad for those whom are not managing our funds property. This all goes back beyond the history of our own American Revolution and our Founding Fathers whom they themselves were considered free masons, some even believe they were illuminati which all this boils down to is that they believed in a superior creator - regardless of what their religious backgrounds were they felt -enlightened by spiritual awareness of creation itself both in nature and in the effects of creation found in nature. These terms actually stemmed from Prisca theologia ("ancient theology") which is the doctrine that asserts that a single, true theology exists, which threads through all religions, and which was anciently given by God to man.

Some strong examples of these beliefs can be found in works of the "Da Vinci Code" , works in mathematical influences i.e.: Fibonacci theorem to which natural occurances can be graphed in numerical sequences. Human energies generated through torus fields and how they are energetically, astronomically and theologically intertwined. Example research of
Prisca theologia .

The specific History we are going to focus on in here pertains to the Face Book post made by Faith Brashear which outlines the history of how the SS ADMINISTRATION came into power and why exactly you have been denied your US Citizenship. This all goes back to the CESTUI QUE VIA Act of 1666 made us all dead at birth; cast beyond the sea; lost at sea; dead to the world. It was implemented during the time of the Black Plague where the estates of the people were placed into Trust to protect and preserve the land at that time to which has been crossed over into modern day society to remove us from our birth rights. -
Click here (This is also why the USA consented to be sued under Admiralty laws. Because in order for the people born in this Nation for them to become US Citizen, a person would have to denounce their American "Citizenships" to which are governed under the Social Security Administration - aka the S.S. ADMINISTRATION. Which means that right now, you are in a state of Titular Sovereignty until you effectively wake up.

So what does that make you? Frankly a federalized sleeper agent of the SS ADMIN whom has declared you a zombie in a screwed up system which is designed to hold you back from receiving the benefits that have already been granted to you. You are neither living or dead in the eyes of the law because the SS ADMIN has concealed your birth under an outdated law being superimposed upon us since the 1030's. So in knowing that in contract law, ALL CAPS means entity and your ALL CAPS entity under these contracts meant the SS ADMIN NAME ENTITY was the borrower to which another ENTITY BORROWER COVENANTED that you were lawfully siesed upon inception from THE SS ADMINS NAME ENTITY property but as an Agent for the THE SS ENTITY NAME you could convey title on their behalf - as a sleeper agent. So when these Federalized Banking industry idiots kick you as the tenant out of a property that the SS ADMIN owns to swap in another sleeper agent, they would have had to obtain the permission of the SS ADMIN to do so.

So herein lays the Caveat - In the interest of law in order to preserve our laws, one can only argue the truth in the facts, first and foremost one has to simply wake up and claim their independence under the system.

What this means in our current system, in order to do so freely, one must be well versed in both Law and Religions to the point where you can take care of your own bad self. We are very much in a reward based system. If you catch the bad guys - you can hold their bonds for compensation while they serve time because they are within the system and must convert their energies by serving time in exchange for their rights to redeem their birth bonds. The system was implemented because for the most part, none of us are considered responsible enough in our upbringing. Which in and of itself is offensive in that we as a society have been removed from these teachings in order to keep us in a proverbial state of limbo. The creators of this system felt that only by following both a spiritual path and a legal path, only then could a person achieve true enlightenment. This is also why Religion was recognized under Public Law 97-280 96 STAT. 1211 97th Congress.

So here you stand twixt actual freedom and involuntary servitude within a system whose guardians are in full awareness that until you choose either to stay in the system to seek its protections, or choose to be free of the system to self govern in peace and in harmony for the betterment of mankind those whom take guardianships over you i.e. BAR attorneys, are supposed to act on your behalf , because you are not capable of such things simply because you have been denied access to them and have not been told how to obtain them.

There are certain
Maxims In Law that hold true even for zombies, including but not limited to "ALL all are EQUAL equal under the law." Claims made without accountability are void" "Force, perjury or subordinate perjury, voids all" "Thou shalt not steal" "Truth stands supreme" "Thou shall not bear false witness" and most importantly, "We cannot give to anyone or anything any power or authority we do not have." Meaning in Truth, without the IRS FORM 56 and the IRS FORM 2848 Signed between the parties to conduct such property transfers on behalf of the SS ADMIN we the people could not have possibly entered into an agreement in fact. Implied in law contracts are based upon actions, fraudulent concealment of intellectually created zombies are void as a matter of law. (the IRS FORM 56 is a real mind trip, as you cannot hold a fiduciary relationship with a dead person, yet this is what this form is specifically for)

Implied contracts
may be implied-in-law contracts, an obligation created as an equitable remedy, or implied-in-fact contracts. Black’s Law Dictionary (9th. ed. 2009). however no remedy can be offered unless you know what the truth of the matter is to be argued for. The ONLY crossover provision for REMEDY to make these contract valid under MAXIMS IN LAW is when Notice to the agent is notice to the principle and notice to the principle is notice to the agent. Which means that unless you give notice to the SS ADMIN and obtain the rights to swap our their ENTITY NAME PROPERTY, you just misappropriated their property for the purpose of extortion against a different agent of the SS ADMIN upon NAME PROPERTY and property that is not legally in your possession in the first place.

Which means that these Industry idiots are acting to undermine the SS ADMIN motto for Social Security. How could you possibly be secure if your Mother ship is allowing the federlized banking industry to swap our their NAME ESTATES ya swore to protect against these criminals whom are advantaging the system over your ignorance of the law.

This makes the SS ADMIN responsible for the payment to these industry idiots, NOT YOU. So now you have damage to which the SS ADMIN will tell you, ya simply did not ask therefor you waived your rights because we declared you dead.

So ya need to tell them to take it up with the Mothership as a nominal sovereign neither living or dead in the eyes of the law, implied in law in fact as living but lost at sea because you are a cursed leopar in quasi rem IN REM for the rights to use that property. Also means you cannot as a BORROWER borrow money from the PUBLIC TRUST created for you as a living breathing person to create a lease back to your SS ADMIN ENTITY NAME money to which was already set up for your personal use.

Which further means that the SS ADMIN at all times was responsible for collecting these debts owed to them by the Federalize Banking industry idiots. Which also means the SS ADMIN was the one responsible for enabling the lending these Social Securities out the gate. And since they are not doing their job to either cover these debts or collect on these debts to which are owed to them by the federalized banking industy, it now falls upon us, their agents to act on their behalf as federal sleeper agents of the SS ADMIN. as a VISTA volunteer See publication 525 Volunteers in Service to America (means ya have write offs allowances owed big time)

Which means we must give notice of our acceptance of their imposed office upon us, as we are their attorney generals through which they will need actually pay us for our service
because we are per the IRS- federal volunteers see Publication 542. Form 5471 Form 8918 Form 8886 Form 1065 Form 1120 Form 1120S


Because all third parties are required to file a Form 940 and Form 941 and must have a Form 2848 to establish any type of color of law, IF they can produce such things, lazy bastards that they are, then the would have to cough up the Form 56 from the SS ADMIN that you lawfully signed ab initio to take their office, because until ya do... you have not accepted your position - no one can accept you position for you, not even your parents, because as a new born you cannot accept such a role.

So what exactly is Sovereignty under this system. Well for the most part, it is the right to be a Private Citizen of the United States of America instead of a Public Citizen. But to better explain this, you need to know what exactly Sovereignty means.

There are four very important types of Sovereignty listed as follows:

Real, Legal, Political, Popular and Titular. Titular Sovereignty (aka Nominal Sovereignty) is when sovereign powers are vested theoretically, apparently, or in black and white in an individual or state institution.

Real - is considered monarch. Kings were sovereigns and hence they were all powerful in England before fifteenth century, in U.S.S.R. before eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and in France before 1789. The state of affairs changed in England after the Glorious Revolution in 1688 - Now the King is like a rubber- stamp. The British king has a right to encourage, warn and advise his Ministers or seek any information about "The ADMINISTRATION". Except these ordinary powers, all other powers of the British king are wielded by his Ministers.

Legal sovereignty is that authority of the state which has the legal power to issue final commands. It is the authority of the state to whose directions the law of the State attributes final legal force. In every independent and ordered state there are some laws which must be obeyed by the people and there must be a power to issue and enforce these laws. The power which has the legal authority to issue and enforce these laws’ is legal sovereignty. These are your state courts. It is the legal sovereign who grants and enforces all the rights enjoyed by the citizens and, therefore, there cannot be any right against him. That is, unless they abuse their powers for self unjust enrichment.

Political sovereignty rests in that class of people under whose influence the mass of the people is or the people are. Political sovereignty rests in the electorate, in the public opinion and in all other influences in the state which mould and shape the public opinion. The
Electoral College is an example of this.

Popular sovereignty roughly means the power of the masses as contrasted with the Power of the individual ruler of the class. It implies manhood, suffrage, with each individual having only one vote and the control of the legislature by the representatives of the people.

De facto sovereign “is the person or a body of persons who can make his or their will prevail whether with the law or against the law; he or they, is the de facto ruler, the person to whom obedience is actually paid”. Thus, it is quite clear, that de jure is the legal sovereignty founded on law whereas dc facto is the actual sovereignty. This is also why Implied at Law contracts (De Jure) and Implied in Fact (De Facto) contracts are two very different things in contract law. Implied in Law contracts can only receive Remedy in Fact. Ie 1099-A issued by a third party incidental to a contract by a federalized banking industry member, is under an Implied in Law Contract were are not your responsibility regardless if you are in Limbo or not.

Faith Brashear is ipso facto implied in fact under FAITH to which FIAT currencies are backed by faith which is implied in LAW. So when Faith Brashear become and ordained minister of the Universal life church as FAITH LYNN BRASHEAR she created a faith temple to which the SS ADMINISTRATION acknowledged through these implications in law contract, meaning she has the authority to act upon any transaction which involved the involuntary conversation from FIAT into other than ordinary income under the IRS Codes for religious violations of the faith backed system as a fiduciary to correct the gross negligence through fraudulent concealment of the SS ADMINISTRATION for abandoning these properties to the federalized banking industry. She became a minister under Real Sovereignty Laws by default, which in turn made her a Trust Guardian for the people.

You see.. The social security “administration" to which was created under Title 42 § 901 of the United States Code for public safety and welfare, where employers are required or permitted to deduct any amount from the remuneration of an employee under an implied contract at law effectively breach its duties to protect the interests and wellbeing of the general public at large by issuing us as agents to our own estates at birth, thereby denying us proper citizenship and breaching good faith. In doing so, every contact you enter into with the words federalized in and around it, means that your NAME TITLE issued to by the SS ADMINISTRATION was the property of the SS ADMINISTRATION and you as the Agent administrator were acting as a fiduciary to the SS ADMINISTRATION as a beneficiary to the transactions generated on its behalf.

This also means the SS ADMINISTRATION breached their fiduciary agreement by allowing federalized Usurpation of your Birth rights as a federalized entity would have had to gained fiduciary permission from the SS ADMINISTRATION in order to allow a BORROWER (ENTITY) to covenant you as a borrower (person) were lawfully siesed from your property upon inception. Without an IRS Form 56 filled out by the SS ADMINISTRATION to grant authority for the ENTITY to act on its behalf, the ENTITY BORROWER did not hold the capacity to do so without authority meaning you would have had to fill out a Form 2848 ab initio with the Internal Revenue Service.

Go forth and Share the Love!

Which means you need to be brought up to speed Lets do some research, as long as we are in this backwards system, best to know what this system is all about by those whom have gone before us..

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