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Are you Ready to take back America?

We intend to show you how. Divided we are being picked off one at a time by MERS rolodex attorneys whom engage in recording these dirty deeds upon our titles. The California counties themselves hold a vested interest in the software used for what equates to aiding and abetting of human trafficking. The call it S.E.C.U.R.E and it is hooked into the Mortgage Electronic Registration System known as the Trademarked system MERS. (Sued by MERSCORP for trademark infractions - gee we wonder why…)

If you have lost your home, know of friends and family that lost their homes, or are sick of the system stealing of your hard earned income (Cause yes, these federalized banking industry idiots manipulated the index's that control the worlds currency breaching the words In God We Trust on that promissory note known as the US Dollar) but you do not want to be actively involved yet supportive…. Boy do we have a place for you…

By donating what you can from below, not only will you be supporting a group dedicated to getting back our homes and TRUELY MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, you will be supporting those who are willing to fight for our Nation to ensure that Restitution, Renovation and Recovery are felt throughout these lands. If you cannot afford even this, then we ask that you use your keyboards as paddle boards and help us spank these bankster's right at their bottom line. By going to Twitter and copying the links to our post, you can attach them to already trending topics of discussions, send them to your congressmen and woman, your state and local officials and to everyone you know whom has been victimized by the Federalized Banking industry at large to let them know we are showing them how to file claims to take back our Estates and safeguard our future generations inalienable rights.

Oh Yes, we have drafted one heck of a Federal Claim for Congressional enabled tax evasion in the Embezzling of our Estates and engaging our County in a vested interest in the software used to record these dirty deeds engaged in these inverse condemnations of our estates whom are in turn enabling third party graft bribes to be accepted by Oath breaking non taking judges vested interests in the Real Estate Companies they used to illegally sell them off under. Want to know who they are and what properties they stole?
Click Here There are over 250 signatures on a petition to recall this judge and the Registry of Voters is currently blocking that petition… why because they notorized the oaths upon the judges who are issuing the writ of possession. Got to love these Mafia Wannabe's, gives the real Mafia a bad name, because the are not smart enough to cover their tracks. We know who you are BTW… And WE THE PEOPLE are going to TAKE YOU DOWN!

Sit Back & Watch US Kick Butt

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