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#1) The Trustee on behalf of a mortgage passthrough Certificate Series - We target MERS System NOMINEE's.

Do you have a MERS MIN# upon your deed of Trust - The Mortgage Electronic Registration System’s (MERS) Member Identification Number, herein referred to as MIN, identifies the “Trusts”Originator through the first series of numbers as MERS Member. The MERS MIN identifies the second series of numbers as the loan. We look for numbers that are NOT the same as your loan number. This is a duel tracked account.

Do you have an assignment requesting proof of recording to be sent back to Core Logic holding DocID# similar to this. We ask because this bar code is an inventory tracking device which holds the specific IRS Codes they intended to miscue, along with the loan number. This is an example of a 1031 exchange of the loan (promissory note) to be classified by the IRS as 26 U.S. Code § 752 - Treatment of certain liabilities. To where the MERS address is located at 3300 S.W. 34th Ave, Suite 101 Ocala Florida - A building owned by the US Internal Revenue Service.
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Do you have a Notice of Default that holds the words "Installments of $$$$ became due".

Because if you do, then your estate was embezzled. We already know about the forgeries, and NO we do not use show me the note arguments, we use show us the IRS Asset Purchase form…. Why…. cause most all of these mortgage passthrough certificate series blah blah blah, were terminated/suspended upon the Securities and Exchange Committee within one year of their Sarbanes Oxley seasoning.

Layman's terms, these contracts to which are recorded upon title across this nation hold triggering devises and timing mechanisms to which you were false lured into securities trading.

If you look at your contract to where it states you were lawfully seized by an all caps BORROWER, you need to understand that all caps in a contract means an entity not a consumer. So ask yourself this, if the ENTITY engaging you in a contract is lawfully sieseing you from your estate as a BORROWER against the estate, then what exactly did the consumer borrower … borrow…

When you irrevocably transfer title into a trust, you immediately fall into a government form of accounting. These vessels that were terminated upon the Securities and Exchange Commission were tax exempt, meaning they were never designed to be a holder in due course. They are a third party incidental to the contract through which, you - the passthrough granter of your estate - hold rights in reversionary interests as the last man standing.

Further who exactly issued you that 1099-A for partnership abandonment - We have Fannie 911 subsidies, non-bank servicers and a variety of self proclaimed lenders of monies that were never lent to you, jot which that Entity BORROWER- borrowed upon YOUR promise to pay. (Whom issued certificates attached to the RIGGED LIBOR index to control the payouts to the investors their "Ace Corp" in the hole of their set ups handled these collateral conversions). So what exactly did you transfer into Trust then? Warranty Deeds of Convince create abstract upon title which can never be perfected. Means per the letter of the law, they can not legally foreclosure upon your property, let alone throw you in a UD court - violates their own bench guides. But your Attorney Generals are aware of this… You really think Kamala Harris wrote the Home Owners Bill of Rights? Click here to find out… nah he ain't taking that interview down… Skeletons much…

The Counties recordation system ain't as S.E.C.U.R.E as the acronym proclaims. Means you were fraudulently dispossessed of your estate… There is no statute of limitations on Embezzlement or Forgeries as far as the IRS is concerned. Means you are holding a Federal Claim.

How do we know… Cause they aint on the list… And we will show you HOW to properly declare it so … right here…. keep watching.
(CA 18 inspired)

Updated as of October 1, 2017
Approved Nonbank Trustees since December 31, 2006

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